Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tarpon Trouble.........again!

We really intended to find some Bonefish to launch fly's at this morning, maybe a few Permit shots too.

Kevin asked about Tarpon and I had to tell him that we would sniff around first thing in the morning but I had not been seeing many the last few days.

Hot water and a tide chart that did not inspire the Tarpon or the Ol' Tarpon guide this week, but we stopped in a little spot that I hoped would give a shot or two while waiting for the sun to get up so we could pole the flats.

We got lucky, as we approached the area I saw quite a few Terns diving and soon saw a Tarpon back, then three, four...a lot more.

"Guppy Hatch" The falling tide was washing small baitfish off the flat into the deeper channel.

Ladyfish, Jacks and Tarpon were pushing up onto the flat to slurp up the goodies so.........
we slid up behind the fray and Kevin dropped a fly right into the mouth of a 70 lber.

Wahoo!... for a few seconds and the butt section of the flyrod leader parted.........SSHHHH TA !

Guide screwup.....

After some quick fix and a few Ladyfish chewing up some flies, Kevin hooked a big Cow about 150lbs.

Kevin lost the big Tarpon using a Curtsey instead of a Bow, but his first Tarpon on fly adventure was pretty good and produced some good laughs.

Hey , I'd rather be wrong and find Tarpon!