Monday, September 03, 2007

Back in Action on the Key West Flats

The Montgomery Skiff is rerigged, rewired, and re-Mercury Engined.

The new DFI Mercury 115 is really sweet with plenty power and so quiet you can carry on conversation at 35 mph.
Fuel consumption is unbelievable, even though the motor is barely broken in I'm getting mileage NEAR what I was used to in the smaller Super Skiff with its 6o Bigfoot!?


I'm back from my annual cross country motorcycle trip and have been wacken a few Bonefish and Permt.

It's hot... September is always hot and we dont begin to cool down until mid October so, trips start and end early.

A few Tarpon can be kicked up in the Morning but the Bonefishing and Permit have been pretty good to great up in the Skinny Water.

If you want to see a turtle up close this is the time of year to see dozens, the Loggerheads are all over the flats and the babies are hatching on the Keys Beaches every night.

A evening walk on many beaches in Florida in late summer with a flash light will result in a treat as the little guys/girls dig their way out and head for the