Monday, September 10, 2007

Running From Rain

Yesterdays trip was a late start, waiting for squalls to pass.

The last several days have been wet, down in the western lakes area we made a dash to avoid a really big funnel spout that followed us west for three miles.

I was finely able to charge north of it and head for Key West, lots of excitement for my sports.

Just the normal late summer pattern and not really very scary.but, if you haven't seen a water spout they can be disarming.

Anyway yesterdays late start sent us to a Tarpon spot, without Tarpon!

Act two put us on a Permit flat and they showed up and provided us with some thrills and eventually a cute little Permit of about 10 lbs.

We spooked and missed a shot at one in the upper 20's and a few more....

Three Shovel Nose Sharks on weeny rods for Anne and some photos to prove she's not afraid of Sharks!

The whole time we were on the flat there was a huge rain storm two flats away that waited for us to leave.

Looking over out shoulder on the way to the harbor, our little Permit flat got a bath.