Sunday, March 19, 2006

Key West Tarpon Spring Forward

No doubt about it, today smells like spring time Tarpon.

The winds head ESE and the barometer heads N as theTarPoons head to the shallows nearer the lower Florida Keys.
We found some Bonefish and Permit on the flats, even a good Cobia sliding up in front of us
but, the real target was Tarpon.

We found a few local yocals early on that we not in the mood soooo we went looking for some Gulf side Tarpon that might be looking for a snack.

One of the backcountry rivers had a couple of fresh schools that must of moved in overnight.

A good cast with a Mylar Minnow put a 60 lber in the air for 3-4 jumps and fell off when Ray didn't quite get the rod tip down quick enough.

That was fine with us as we planned on taking advantage of the enthusium of the early AM bite and try to put another Tarpon in the air.

Ray trout lifted the next fish and he head shook right off.

We landed a nice little Bonefish latter in the day and scared a few Permit half to death with a big green Toad Fly that only a mother toad could love.

Great day lots of animals swimming around and sure looked like the last day of winter.