Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Key West Fishing Guides? Hold the Anchovies.

Shopping for a Good Salt Water Light Tackle/ Fly Fishing Guide?

These are the guestions you need to ask!

Who will I be fishing with? Bait and Switch?

Did you book with a "professional guide service" and found that the man they assigned you to, has been guiding ever since he arrived in Key West.... last fall!

The year before he was......in school........ renting jet skis......waxing cars.

He will back at the old job next year, he's only paid $10.00 a hour.

Hopefully he'll go back to school.

Who's getting the rest of the cash?

Your not renting a bicycle, your day will cost 400-500 dollars.

Thats a lot of cash to spent your day with a pizza delivery boy.

It will take 5 years to learn the lower Florida keys Flats fishing , 150-200 days a year.

It is tempting when you are a guide to " sell the overflow"

Having said all that, there are some booking agents and tackle shops that use
professional, knowledgeable guides.

Most ( shops and outfitters, Internet booking agents) are using the least talented guides.

Hotels are worse!

Spend a little time looking for the real guide, its the guy that answers his own phone!

Or has to call you back because he's......FISHING

Real professional guides will refer you to other professional guides,

at no extra cost to him or you!

We count on each other for referrals. .......I'm sure you get it.

It makes me nut's after guiding all my adult life, to see the "Carny's" drifting in the Key West Harbor among the cruise ships and jet ski tours and selling this as a guality flats fishing excursion.

Call me, I'll give you a list of ...... fishing guides.