Monday, January 24, 2005

Tarpon Time Key West

Gett'in the itch to Pitch!

I know its earily but some time in the winter when, like last night, it was colder then a witch's.... tackle box.

I start designing Tarpon fly's in my head, new ones, better than all that came before
fly's......well different.

I have gone through my fly lines taking notes, thinking about a new tarpon flyrod,
what about fly reels?.......dont need rods or reels and I have alot of Tarpon flys.

What I really need is April.

There will be a lot of Tarpon fishing between now and April, and Permit, and Bonefish,
Pompano,Barracudas etc.

But, like chocolate, when you want a Tarpon on Fly..............

mike chaserkeywest