Sunday, January 30, 2005

Permit Floating West of Key West

Tail Tips Showing

Yesterday west of Key West on the flats poling after laid up big boy Barracudas and
sniffen around for Permit, I spotted boils, off the flat on the edge of one of the narrow creeks.
Could be .....floater Permit, I thought as I swung the skiff and grunted my way a few
hundred yards to the little cut.

There they are, spread out in the channel in schools of 15-30, four groups of Permit,
most of them are 12/15 lb. range but there are a few big mama's too.

Gerry fired a crab, in the direction of the first school but , no takers, another cast after the
group floated back up and seemed unbothered, he launched again......"Ok hooked up!"

We fought a Permit that went about 15lbs, down the cut, and turned him free. Then made our way back up across the flat to the other schools to give it another go.

It was'nt going to happen, the rest were still there but hep to us now, so off we went scouting
for Tarpon.

With the weather warming and winds light the rest of the week looks good for Tarpon, Bonefish and Mr. winter over? mike