Monday, January 31, 2005

Cobia Trailing Rays Across the Key West Flats

Jerkin My Merkin

Cobia eat crabs so why would'nt a big Merkin crab fly interest Cobia's that are following rays on the Keys flats, they do work but, usually a Merkin tied on a 1/0 but with a little more size, longer tail and extra Mylar or Crystal flash. Be sure to sharpen the hook to a fair the well,
and crimp the barb.
This is done because a Cobia's big rubber lips are tuff to penetrate and once you have him on,
reset the hook because, Cobia are famous for holding on only to spit out the bait when they see the boat.

Well we did get a Cobia today, about 30 lbs and chased two more around but never really landed the Merkin on them properly. We also caught two dozen Pompano, and a couple Blue fish.
The Barracudas were laughing at us today.......they'll get their's!

mike chaserkeywest