Monday, January 10, 2005

Tarpon Eating Blue Fish in Key West

Working the fish muds north of Key West this morning with a small Mylar" Wilbur's Road Kill" fly and a sink tip line/10 wt outfit I was repeatily wacked by Blue fish in the 5 and 6 lb range.
After losing a few fly's I changed out the 50# shock leader to braided wire so I could land the Blue rascal's and Tarpon (the main target).....good got the Blue and still have my fly,next cast
another Blue fish and another, then a jack.
Realizing that this is going to be the pattern this am, I decided to make a few more casts and then run home to Key West and grab a little Granola. pull the skiff for a little scrub down.
Next Blue fish was a good fight into the backing, next jump and he was attached to a Tarpon of about 60 lb,cant be that the tarpon managed to get hooked on the process?!
No but everybody stayed attached and after another run of about 30 yards back at me they
jumped next to the skiff and I could clearly see the buldging eyes of the Blue as the Tarpon headshook and deposited the Blue fish on to the casting deck of the skiff......that's enough
where's the Granola!!..........mike@ chaserkeywest