Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Key West Flats Fishing for Barracudas

Everyone knows what a Barracuda is, to offshore trollers he's the bad guy that eats up your perfectly prepared Sailfish bait.

On heavy tackle drug behind a Sportfisherman he's not much fun, winching him on 50lb test, the mate bitching about the varmits.

Well how would a Rainbow trout fight using the same menthods, funny huh?

On the flats in the winter, lots of big Barracudas come up in a foot or less of gin clear water to gobble bait fish.

They move in "Wolf Pack's" and rocket into the bait fish schools or lurk on the edge of the flat waiting for the bait to move to them on the falling tide.

We will be there also with out light spinning or fly rods with artifical lures.

Hooking a big Barracuda that may go over 25 lbs on a 10lb test spin out fit and watching him bolt 45 MPH, turn 180 degrees and jump 6ft in the air and then do it again.

I can tell you that over the last 30 yrs I have had many SPORTS tell me " Oh I've caught Barracudas before, they were not much fun"

I always ask if they ever caught them on the flat?...err NO!

After the first good Cuda and a whole lot of WOW'S, LOOK at HIM JUMPS.

The opinion changes!........."let's get another CUDA!"

That's just part of the winter Key West Flats Fishing, some of the just plain fun.