Monday, December 11, 2006

Cobia's on the Key West Flats

I took a little ride this morning, even though it was rather choppy.

I was wondering if the back country was sturred up from the cold front winds.
It turns out that the channels were still pretty clear and as I poled in along the bank, I saw moving down the river edge a dark shape that you would assume was Mr.Shark.

It was Mr. Cobia, a nice one about 40ish lbs, I tossed a rubber fish in his direction and he leaped on it "like a chicken on a June Bug."

Its a little early for the Cobia's on the flat but, then again we have had some early winter like weather.

A little cooler water and some north winds pushing the bait out of the Gulf and behind the bait the Bluefish,Cobia, Sea Trout and Pompano.

Ofcourse the down side is the near freezing temps .....of 78 degrees

Anyway the Cobia broke off at the boat after I fooled around long enough, worrying about no ice and where he was going to ride on my way home.

I'll get him latter and throw his ass on the Barbee.