Friday, December 15, 2006

Fly Fishing Key West Flats

Winter fly fishing provides some shots at fish other than the usual Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit Targets.

Cobia moving in, out of the Gulf of Mexico, following Sting Rays and sometimes Nurse Sharks.
They move up onto the flats as Wing Man, picking off the bait fish, crabs and other small wigglers that are on the move trying to avoid being lunch for the rays.

They spring out and get wacked by the Cobia who is better equipt with eye sight and speed then the slow moving rays.

Any good sized fly will sucker a Cobia, bait fish patterns, Crab Fake's even a good Bass Popper works well on Cobia.

Many of these guys will be over 20 lbs and can be much bigger.

Last years big Cobia was near 60 lbs and on the flat in 2ft of water, when you hook a big Cobia you had better get on the stick, because, he will spool you quick on light tackle.

Tossing a fly on a Sting Rays back will sometimes produce Jacks and even Red Fish or the Flats Snapper prize, Mutton Snapper!

We'll have some big Barracuda and Shark Flies along too.....just because.