Friday, June 24, 2005

Key West Flats Fishing

Summer pattern is welcome by ol' guides.

Ofcourse the spring Tarpon migration spawning run is something the fishing guides and flats fisherman look forward to every year.

My personal view is that any animal lover would enjoy the spectacle of 50 to 100 Tarpon weighing 30-150 ponds swimming in a perfect circle doing the love dance and usually oblivious
to all offering live crab or fly but, not always!

When one of the love birds decides he could use a little snack mid-forplay, it can be electric.

The next sound you hear will be a loud knocking, as the anglers knee's match the speed of the line leaving the reel.

His eyes popped from his head, mouth open and deaf to the instructions of the fishing guide.

Then with luck or experience, the flats fisherman pulls himself together and the battle continues, as the other 97 Tarpon explode in all directions, upset at the interruption of the orgy, they soon resume the dance few yards away.

Exhausted the ol' guide looks forward to the summer of Bonefish and Permit in the skinny water and......... Tarpon a day......or two......................mike