Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Key West Bonefishing Fly's

Going through my fly stuff again and sorting out the Bonefish flys, Nasty Charlie's, Gotya's,
Swimp's and a new favorate Boonespoon.

Ol' Forrest the Texas guy that builts these rascals, calls me every few months and we BS about
the state of the union, the ramifacations on the Euro in a global economy but, mostly fishing flies.

He developed these little spoon flies mainly for Texas Red Fish but in the smaller sizes, draggin
one in the sand infront of a Florida Key's Bonefish will get bites.

I have had good luck with Boonespoon's on Pompano also and Forrest is ready to experiment with sizes and colors.

My favorate's are silver, gold, chartreuse in dime size with a little maribu tail.

Nasty Charlies catch a lot of Bonefish to, sand, olive and brown work best for me, some guys prefer too, in the right places.

Smaller crab patters including Merkins and old Jan Isley's Rug Fly.

Want to know how Isley came up with the Rug Fly? Ask the guy that rented him the apartment
on Truman ave. back in the early 80's .

The apartment with the holes in the shag carpet..........another ol' guide story!