Monday, February 14, 2005

Permit fishing Key West Flats

Glad to See You Again Mr. Permit, good break(up) in the water temps on the flats has brought some Permit back but, their not eating tube lures!
Swifty and I were west of Key West near Cottrell Key tossing tubes for Barracudas (his favorite target) and ran into about a dozen Big Permit and since we were without live crabs and Johnny doesnt fly fish, we decided to try to feed then yellow cuda tubes with predictable results....No bites.
Didnt matter to Swifty so we moved to a small channel and pulled Pompano and Bluefish and later we did manage to hook a few Cudas and a Blacktip Shark about 60lbs on a small Mylar jig.
He was quite a handful on 10lb test and Johnny always giggles like a cheerleader when he almost get spooled.
We have been using some IM8 Shakespear spinning rods that would be best discribed as Weenee rods.
But what fun to watch the bend just above the forgrip in a death defying curl.
Tomorrow we'll be looking for Permit and this time with a box full of crabs.......mike