Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Key West Permit Fishing and Tarpon Two!

What a rush today we were blessed with a little warmer water temps and two Tarpon and a
Permit,........ and that ain't bad!
The first Tarpon ate a Mullet Plug at the boat and almost jumped aboard, woke everyone up and spilled the coffee, later on the flat, after spooken a few Barracudas, we found a big Permit about 28lbs that hit the live crab on the fly and smoked the little Shimano, just about emptied
the 10lb spool, big piggy.
The clouds ran us off the flats so we checked out a little Pompano spot and while I was showing the boys how to jig the hole, ofcourse I hook a Tarpon of 80-90 lbs on one of my weenie rods
and off to the races.
Great jumping Tarpon and a hour later , when he got over the flat and started for Texas, we
snapped him off, sat down and ate some cheese fries........mike