Monday, February 21, 2005

Fly Fishing Permit Some More

Someone's Gotta Do It, I mean we can have those sneaky Permit thinking their in the clear.
Today was beautiful, really one of those perfect late winter days on the flat, 75 degrees, sunny
12-15 mph ESE winds, low incoming tide.
And we found Permit tailing on the flats, slow easy fish, unspookable......cake.....well almost!
If we were throwing live crabs, 3 or 4 Easy! But we were tossing Merkin crab flys and Mr. Permit wasnt buying fake crabs today, thank you very much....... %#+ #en Permit!
We did get a nice Cobia on the fly rod and a few big Jacks following Sting Rays, couldnt resist
a yummy looking Merkin Fly, lots of Big Boy Barracudas too, but they were not on todays list.
Tomorrow we will start on the Permit flat again and look for some Tarpon latter in the day.
Weather should be super a water temps up a few more degrees...........mike