Monday, March 30, 2015

Well Deserved Tarpon Week For Pat Wood

Last May's  Tarpon Flats fishing was ruff at best.....basically a " Wind Event " more than a Tarpon event !

I owed Pat some good Fly Rod Tarpon fishing and last week made up for the beating of May 2014
and then some, just the right combo Tide, Temperture, Tarpon.....we had lots of grabs, jumps , break off's and catches.
Most of the hours we fished were used casting at Tarpon ...Happy boy with a landed 120 lb fish and a lost 120 plus and several other 60 plus fish brought along side.
Great pictures ...lots of laugh's

Pat will be back in May for another try a Migratory Tarpon on the flats of Key West and a sneak outback for a Biter !