Monday, March 02, 2015

Flats warm and Permit Swarm Key West Flats

Water temperature has shot up over 80 degrees in some areas of the Flats, a week ago it was in the 60s in the Backcountry Basins and on the Flats .

When the water is in the mid 60s the critters start heading for the deeper water and more stable temps.
But when it cools off to the low 60s and even dips to the upper 50s......fa-get- abowit !

Today the Tarpon were showing up in the Key West Harbor and some Backcountry Basins.
 On the Flats Permit were in attendance and a few Bonefish slid in to snack.

A cold front or two may show up in the lower Florida Keys yet this month but it could be that the
worst February in my memory is gone and quickly the Flats fishing in Key West is back.