Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Winter's Over In Key West......Fish Hope!

Wow,  never was in Long Underwear so often as the last January/ Febuary in Key West.

Not even in British Columbia, North Eastern Ohio........It was a winter to forget.

Riding in a Flats Skiff at 30 + mph in 50 ish damp wind is not fun, the Flats Fish that prefer water in the low 70's to upper 80's have not been happy.

THAT'S OVER !  today will hit the mid 70's and the water on the Flats has already come up 5 degrees, it will leap up to uper 60's and by the end of the week probably be 72+

The first clue will be the Barracuda's attacking anything that moves and Sharks on the prowl. Big Jacks behind Sting Rays on the Flats and Pompano and Jacks and Blue Fish hungry and busting up the channels and basin's.

The Permit will be abundit in a day or two with crab lunch planned !

Bone Fish, Tarpon?  Maybe this weekend.......YES