Monday, April 21, 2008

WHOOAH! They are Back, dem Poons.

Yesterday morning started with a few rolling Tarpon and Permit Tails poking up in the flat calm.

Turned out to be too calm, we had 3 crabs stolen, 2 by Tarpon 1 by a Permit.

These guy's can be tuff when the water is so clear and flat calm, truth is a fly-rodder has a better chance under those conditions.

I was short a Fly-Rodder.

This A.M. was not a lot better, dozens of Tarpon and Permit milling around as if waiting for the train to Pittsburgh.

We did hook a Tarpon and for a few moments we were brilliant, then we forgot to bow and he jumped off.

A while later another miss-Q and no hookup.

Hard to feel to badly when its so beautiful and your surrounded with Tarpon and Permit.

We should be seeing the migratory Tarpon in a week or so, with this kind of weather.