Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tarpon Fishing Key West Some More

Today's Cold Front gives me a break long enough to sit down and pop out a few lines.
Later I'll go to the gym and zip around town on the motorcycle, wearing pants and jacket.

We were happy jumping Tarpon and snagging a few Permit this past few weeks and then another really chilly front knock up down a notch.

62 degrees is not Tarpon weather and last night lows will return to mid 70's later today.
Many Tarpon are in a holding pattern just offshore and we'll start to see them by the end of the week.

Bags of Tarpon Flies and Boxes of Tarpon Plugs have been arriving this week.... munition's for the planned 3 month offensive.

Night time fly-fishing for Tarpon has been a ball when conditions permitted, sometimes we were home by 8:30 after landing a couple in 3ft of water.

Spot light's providing a silvery explosion next to the skiff.

I love Tarpon.... every one I even saw.