Saturday, February 24, 2007

Frosty Flats Fishing Key West

Knit caps, Long Johns and SOCKS, I hate socks.

But January and lots of Febuary...I was in socks.

Febuary is all but over now and there's hope that the cold fronts are fewer hopefully, less of an impact.

The last few days have been in the mid 70's and the Permit are beginning to wander back to the flats.

Yesterday it was Barracudas and some Pompano and Bluefish, a few Permit shots too...just a few.

Todays strong southeasterly wind pushed up the water temps and encouraged more Permit to pop up for a crab sandwich.

One big boy maybe 26 lbs, pretending to be a Black Tip shark, was finely properly identified and force feed a juicy Florida Green Crab.

Smoken the drag and removing a 150 yards of braided line a few times before the Ol' guide could grab him by his tail and give him a brief warm up in the Key West Sun, a photo shoot and he was back over board to complain to his family about the Alien abduction.

Tomorrow will be more strong southeast wind warming the flats waters up and I'm sure some more Permit will challange our casting abilities.

March is next week and the Tarpon will begin to get as much attention as the Permit, maybe more.

Hate to see the Pompano start to fade as the water temps moderate but change is good.