Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Permit on the Fly Key West

I went to the Gulf side flats this morning and just east of Snipe Keys, pushed the little skiff up as high as I could and waited.

Watching for Bonefish or Permit moving up on to the flat with the incoming tide,saw a couple Mullet sized Bonefish as I pushed west and continued to look for Sickel Tails.

I did see two small Permit that bolted before I could slide close enough for John to get a small Merkin fly launched.

After the usual Barracuda, Sting Ray and Bonet Shark "fooler's" we pushed toward the Gulf edge to run east a few more Keys.

John started to come off the casting deck and I warned him "if you put up that flyrod
15 Permit will swim by us!"

Just as I said it, I spotted two tail tips breaking the surface 25 yards at 1 oclock.

John sprang up and as I got closer we could see 20-25 "Floater" Permit hanging over some sponge bottom.

John launched the small blond floating Merkin and sure enough we saw a Permit turn on it, this is where the angler expects a bite and the guide doesn't...usually.

I heard John exclaim " He's on" ol guide thought.. Mangrove Snapper came out from under the sponge and ate John's fly.

Wonderfully, I was wrong and 30 mins later we snapped a photo of Johnny's 14-16 lb Permit.

We had drifted west and north of the sponge bottom and after putt'n in a big half circle were now 100 yards east of the Permit schools.

We put on another Blondy and both jumped onto you battle stations, few mins latter I found the fish and we closed once again.

Knowing we may have worn out our welcome but, we had to give it a try!

John cast the Merkin and wiggled it a little as it drifted through the School.

I saw the fly line jerked from his hand, he recovered guickly and grabbed the loose line, sinking the hook in another Permit face..

As I put the skiff on plane at the mouth of my home canal this morning, I was dreading a looong hot day!

It was good to be wrong... had a Hot Day.