Sunday, October 15, 2006

Permit and Tarpon Ocean Side Key West

We were surprized by the Tarpon we ran into yesterday but, we expected a few good Permit shots.

A little too much wind and some high clouds made it a tuff day.

We were on top of most of the fish before we could see them, they had conditions in their favor.

There they gooooooo! the ol' guide exlaimed..^*%@& fish.

Eventually we got lucky with a nice lazy Permit over the sand, jumping on the crab like a chicken on a June Bug.

After 20 mins and a hug and kiss, he was back in the sponge bottom, counting his blessings.

Later a nice 60+ lb Tarpon appeared and although the cast was in his window, he was apparently looking for a nice minnow.

So better light and we'd O wacked um!