Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Out of the Fog in Key West

After one of the most consistantly cool- cold February's I can remember in Key West and the handful of fishable days it may be over.

Of course February is almost over and finally the temperature is close to 80 and the winds are down, never mind the Fog caused by miles of cooler water temps bumping into the very warm air coming from the south east.

Tarpon have been sticking their heads up to sample the humidity and hopefully they will play along with the Permit that are starting to sample the flats on the Gulf Flats north of Key West.

Barracudas are on the flats in pretty good numbers and showing some friskiness.

The rest of the Mid West and North Eastern States may still be in the deep freeze through March but South Florida and the Florida Keys may have seen the worst of the Polar Express this year.