Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jim Clouds Monster Tarpon of May 2011

25 mph winds couldn't keep us out of the Tarpon this last week but, the wind did ruin most of Tarpon appetite for feathers.
Jim and I found lots of strings moving on the north side but clearly many looks and sniffs but no takers, even after changing from the Plum Pudding Fly to the Pepperoni Fly, Long Horn Cheese Fly......nothing

Finely it was the Key Lime Toad that caught the eye of a huge male of about 60 pounds.

Why do we consider this 60 lb Tarpon to be HUGE?

This May is the 30th Tarpon season Jim " Red Cloud " Cloud and I have fished for the Big Shad on the gin clear Key West Flats and Jim's 80th birthday.