Monday, April 25, 2011

Sr. Billy Pate aka Dr. Tarpon

There was a " Tremor in the Force " this past month in our little saltwater fly-fishing family.

Billy Pate the always enthusiastic dean of "Big Poon" and "star caster/ instructor" in the two best videos ever produced about fly Rodding for Tarpon.

3M's Mastery Series of videos are true Classics.

I had the opportunity in the late 70s early 80s to meet and exchange with Billy Pate in the company of guide pal Nat Raglin and the brothers Montgomery, Bob and Gene.

I enjoyed helping with some Tarpon scouting for the efforts in production of the first movie that was shot mainly in the Flats west of Key West.

Billy has been described as a Southern Gentleman by myself and probably anyone who knew him.

Straw Panama Hat and big grim under it, all standing just a few feet off the " Pate Tower"
On his custom 4electric motors strapped to it's ass, Sidewinder Flats Skiff.

Not a big man but bigger than life and a giant in Saltwater Fly-fishing...God Speed Billy