Monday, January 31, 2011

Barracudas " Chillin" on the Key West Flats.

Beautiful weather but, water a bit cool.

Yesterdays trip out was super for catching up with old friend Gil Vernon , along with his brother in law Steve, we were Jigging in the basins for Sea Trout, Pompano, Jacks. Anybody that would stress the Weenie Rods......cold water restricted us to lots of smallish jacks.

After several stops in the Gulf Side Basins we decided the high sun and Shallow Water of the Flats we calling.

We were rewarded with dozens of shots at big Barracudas, dozens of them lying in a foot of water soaking up the warm sun but, not even thinking about food.

Same result with the few Lemon Sharks we saw.

One more calm warm day and the water temps up another 4-5 degrees and the fish and anglers will be much more agreeable.

That's fishen !