Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back to Coconut land

New batteries, boats, motorcycles, truck.....
Gone long enough to just replace all of them and know it's the best medicine.

Blizzard conditions in the north reminded me why I've lived in Key West 40 yrs, all my adult life.

British Columbia is wonderful...Until the week before my birthday.....Halloween!

N.E. Ohio's fall motorcycle tours and Steelhead fishing in the Lake Erie Trib's SUPER.

Get out before Thanksgiving......they will hand you a shovel and ice scraper.

I'm ready for Key West flats and backcountry fishing for Pompano, Barracudas and Sea Trout.

Big Jacks and Black Tip Sharks ripping up the tackle.

Cuban lunch with my Ol Pal Todd Bowen and another pre Xmas plan to go scouting together for Trout.

30 years we have had this pre-trout lunch.....