Saturday, January 31, 2009

Key West Pompano and Monster Jack Attack

Yesterday was " One of Those" wondering when the grey edge in the northwest would turn into the Bear Claw Blue Northern and end the party with an Artic Blast.

Turned out we were lucky yesterday and Jane and Dave Bohren were treated to lots of great action all morning.

Jacks and Lady Fish started us out first off and the bottom of the falling tide had the basins a little dismal .....not a promise of Trout or Pompano.

Luckily when the tide turned and started in , along with a good guess at a new spot , the flats exploded with life.

First cast in the new lo-cal produced for Jane a nice Blue Fish on ultra lite tackle with his buddies trying to steal his rubber worm all the way to the boat.

At once David and I were hooked up to 12-14 lb. Jack Crevalle's.

Next cast and Jane and I had Pompanos, Dave another Big Jack and on it went for an hour and one half.

We had our shots at some spooky Permit, big suckers that were in a mixed size school , maybe 25 Permit in the school.

OOPS! here comes the Blue Bear Claws time to idle out and punch the Merc towards the Barn.

We were treated to a peek at a baby Hammerhead Shark as we slid down the channel, Jane got a kick out of this little 8 ft. 250 lb Baby.

We made it back to Garrison Bight unscathed but as it works for Mike I got blasted on my commute back to the home sea wall.

40 MPH, driving rain, visibility about 50 ft, 20 degree drop in temps as I shot across the flat soaked and shivering....grinning my ass off....