Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Key West Flats Fishing

As the North Wind blows thru my office window, whistling me with a chill, I look forward to Thursdays fishing.

Tuesday and probably Wednesday this week, no one will look forward to being on the flat.

But these cold fronts are necessary and although on my last trip out we captured over 24 Sea Trout on weenie rods, we could see the symptoms of the basin waters becoming too warm for really good winter fun fishing.

The Jack, Ladyfish, Pompano and Shark activity down some, but not for long.

We want the cool water that the fronts bring to stir up the baitfish and bring the seasonal funster's inshore.

The big Jacks, Pompano, Redfish and Trout in the basins, the Barracudas and Cobia on the Flats
all need the cold fronts and water temp changes that they bring.

Timing for the Chrismas/ New Year break looks good this year and I'm whipping up a batch of Mylar Jigs and Fly's, a few Tube Lure's too.

Back under the covers for a little cold front nap!