Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pompano Fishing in Key West, 1970-2007

Seam's only a short while ago that the commercial fisherman I knew in the Lower Florida Keys were getting out of Pompano was over.

Selling their Pompano nets and concentrating on Lobster,Snapper,Grouper or Ballyhoo.

Pompano had been fished out, a result of Gill Nets and the effective genocide that Gill Netting is capable of.

The same thing happened to the giant Atlantic King Fish schools that , not too many years ago roamed up and down the East Coast & Gulf of Mexico .

But this story is about recovery.

The State of Florida passed a law effectively stopping the use of Gill Nets in state waters about 10 years ago.

Back from oblivion are the Pompano, Mullet, Spotted Sea Trout, Red Fish, Look Downs, Snappers and a good number of non-food fishes that we just love to hook and play with.

We still are careful and turn back most fish landed.

A real professional fishing guide understands the importance of preservation of the fishery.

Remember that when, the Yahoo you hired to capture a Tarpon , shoots a bait fish full of WD 40 and winks at you as he slips the temporarily live but, toxic bait fish over the side.

See there I go again.....Pompano Fishing!