Thursday, March 08, 2007

Permit Fishing Restore's Faith

After the agony of another cold blast front the north it's warmed quickly and although the Tarpon are pissed and still lying low, the Permit fishing on the Key West Flats has lifted our spirits!

Yesterday early am I was wishing I had worn jeans and SOCKS but, by mid morning the Permit fishing on the incoming tide and a few hook ups and the socks were forgotten.

Bill managed after a few bad casts to put one together and after a prolonged struggle I grabbed the tail of his first Permit and a good one about 22-24lbs.

Of course I told him it was 26lbs and after inspecting an old Shark encounter scar, Bill had the honor of giving the fish some back and fourth pumps and a slap on the arse to get the adrenaline flowing and away the Permit smoked.

March Tarpon fishing will be rock'in in a few days.