Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May/Tarpon Fest Key West

Only because of a freak northwest front blowing 25+ do I have the time to jot down a update.

This past week has been really good with some Massive Tusker Tarpon, hiding is the shallows.
We have done well with both flyrod and spinning tackle,some of my guy's caught their first real big Tarpon on fly and learned just how much power the biggest Herring can muster.

You just have to fight a 130+ lb. Tarpon to begin to understand!

My Ol' Pal Jim Cloud was here a few days ago, we are celebrating our 25th year of fishing together " our Silver anniversary " we joked!

Jim and I have had a lot of fun over the years, used to fish with me 3 weeks a year.

I took him on this first Alligator hunt, Frog gig, Wood Duck shoot in the Florida swamps and many many Tarpon and Permit trips in the Key West flats.

Jim Cloud is family.

May is also his 75th birthday, we ate Steak had a few wadka's and laughed a bunch.

I told him I was only willing to guide him another 20 years, then I quit!