Sunday, November 27, 2005

Key West Permit Fishing and Some Mud

Yesterdays trip found some more muddy water left over from our hurricane season but, after the last very welcome, cool fronts there is a lot of bait movement and big bunches of Permit on the flats and floating in the small channels.

We were fishing for Jacks, Snappers, Barracudas and anything else that would pull hard for a ten year old boy, we needed some fun fish and didn't have lots of patience for tricky flats fish.

They found us, everywhere we looked we ran into big groups of Permit floating, tailing and circling in the shallows.
All the channels are full of bait, Mullet, Mahua, Pilchers, and gars.

Fall has arrived to the lower Florida Keys backcountry and with the cooler water temps will come great Permit fishing.
Cobia and Pompano will show up in the next few weeks and give us lots of fun fish targets.

I'm tying up lots of ammo too, Mylar and Lime green 3/8 jigs for spinning and dusting of my Bait Fish pattern flys.

My next new fly pattern I'll name Wilma......should be very destructive!