Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tarpon Fishing Key West - Doin The Jelly Roll

Thats what I call it when the Tarpon come up to the top and do that slow, lingering,
happy roll.....its sooo sweet. Tarpon guides get a little randy when they see it.
Today, flat calm and muggy humid early am, had the Poons sliding high in the water but, not exactly gobbling everything in sight.
We got lucky and hooked one first off and fought with the 80lb guy for 30 mins before popping him at the boat.
We made a run to the gulf flats and found more happy Tarpon and in two casts another, also over 80lbs, a 8 Jump rocket that really upset my first timer, he really came unglued and with deer in the headlight eyes and open mouth was a great laugh and a hooked on Tarpon fisherman from now on!
Same guys tomorrow and a chance to fly fish for Tarpon........What are you doing tomorrow?